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A tomboy gamer who likes blue, ponies, gore, mutants, dragons, cute things, bugs, violence, and of course...VIDEO GAMES!

So I had planned so much stuff to do in my break this is my last week before college .-.

Well, can't really say it has been bad, not at all...went on vacation with family to the beach, been hanging out with friends, spending more time with my bruh, been spending lots of time with bf, and been playing lots of games and currently playing crap tons of Pokemon Y and then soon to continue to ORAS.

As far as personal goals such as draw more and make plushies and such, haven't been able to do it...not only cause I'm a lazy fuck, but also because I've been dedicating my time mostly to people rather than accomplishing personal stuff, which is just fine, but can't say I'm not disappointed on myself, even bought a new sketchbook and lots of material to do plushies ><

Oh well, this semester seems I have more time after class at least, since I come back not so late, but need to wake up extreeemely early each day which sucks :/ and these subjects seem preeetty tough so when tests happen, it's gon be quite stressing

Since I've been in the Poke mood, I have this urge to draw my lovely pokes for quite a while...and inspiration has been there, juuust lately (for a week+ now), been doing lots and lots of shiny hunting, took me like 5 days to get my brother a perfect shiny Kirlia for his ORAS team, and currently hunting for a shiny Trapinch for bf...managed to get one, but it's neutral nature and a male, so looking for a female one with Adamant nature ><

Well, at least in these long days of shiny hunting, managed to get lots of em, almost have a box full now, from chain fishing and Friend ain't that bad, just wished it took less time >< well can't complain, in previous games it was much much harder.

Hopefully I can get to doodle my lovelies, just would like to get my Platinum Team in Y, currently breeding for the perfect Buneary...getting there, but then need to do the other 5 Pokes and breeding for 5-6IVs plus then getting the EVs is gon take plenty of time :/ just, would like to get the shinies first and then get to full work on my team.

Anyways, tl;dr Pokemon Y is addicting and when I get the poke I'm hunting for, I'll continue ORAS along bruh and bf since we'd like to play at the same time and have funsies x) and in between I can work on teams that I'm still breeding to get em.

If any of ya are interested in adding me:

FC: 0490-5974-3496
Electric Friend Safari: Pachirisu Helioptile Manectric

As for battling, I only have my playthrough team currently, might get into competitive play when I do my Plat team along my other prev game teams well trained and such, but still not too into competitive battles, more like just for fun <:

As for trading, I rarely trade but might, have some spare shinies but not as many I'd trade...I tend to give em away to close friends and keep some of em as well cause gotta love me some shinies~

And as for ORAS, my pokes are only around level 40 x) so yea, still haven't beaten the game...woops

So ye that's all :icondickbuttplz:

Still in love with Papyrus :heart: CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF UNDERTALE AAAAAA
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